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Truancy and Compulsory Education

A truant student is absent for at least five (5) days during the school year without a valid excuse and fails to cooperate with the efforts on the part of the school to resolve the attendance problem (R277-607-1). Truancy only applies to students between the ages of 6 and 14 (first through eighth grades). Students who are age 14 or older may not be referred to court for truancy reasons. Schools must employ their own restorative justice measures to provide the necessary support to help students improve attendance. Schools are required to demonstrate an earnest and persistent effort to help students attend school (ยง53G-6-202).

Students in a court-ordered truancy program must not be withdrawn from school. The court process for truancy will continue for students even though a guardian may withdraw them from school in the meantime. The court process will continue even if they withdraw to Home School.

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