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Home School Guidelines

A student should register for home school prior to being withdrawn from the boundary school. Students may be withdrawn from the boundary school for home school when the school receives the notarized and stamped home school paperwork from Planning and Student Services.

To enroll in home school, the custodial legal parent(s) or guardian(s):

  • Complete the "Home School Affidavit" (in the “Resources” section) or by using the on-line form at
  • Notarize the Home School Affidavit. Planning & Student Services will notarize home school forms at no charge. Parents may choose to have them notarized and sent to Student Services.
  • Provide the boundary school with a copy of the notarized affidavit and withdraw their student from school (if applicable).
  • Will receive a Certificate of Exemption within 30 days after filing the home school affidavit with Planning and Student Services.

Home school students who enroll in public school more than half-time shall render their Home School Affidavit and home school status null and void. To re-enroll in home school a new Home School Affidavit should be completed using the steps above.

To attend home school, the student must be withdrawn from public school. When enrolling in Skyward as a dual enrollment student (part-time public school/part-time home school), the Skyward codes are as follows: “Current Status” is “Active”, “Student Type” is “HT” (Home Taught), “Status” is “Part-time” and “% Enrolled” is noted on the Entry/Withdraw tab. (For grade placement information, see the “Grade Placement” section, found under “Enrollment”).

Other Information About Home School

Students can maintain their Home School status and be dual enrolled in a public school as long as they are home schooled half time or more. K-12 online schools such as those through Alpine, Tooele, Provo, Davis, Uintah, Washington, My Tech High or the Utah Virtual Academy Charter are public schools accessing public school funding and are not home schools. Students may not be enrolled in these schools and in their boundary school simultaneously.

Students in public school more than half time who have less than half time at home (or other location) for schooling, a "Student Request for Release Time" form should be completed at the school. A Home School Affidavit is not required for released time.

Home school students returning to full-time enrollment at a Jordan District school are placed according to the Grade Placement” guidelines.

Home school curriculum is the sole responsibility of the custodial legal parent(s) or guardian(s). Curriculum information is available online.

Home School students who want to participate in UHSSA activities may do so at their boundary school (per the Utah High Schools Athletic Association).


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