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Education Vacation Leave

A student may be excused for up to a maximum of ten (10) days for education vacation leave provided prior arrangements have been made with the school for the student to make up his/her homework (JSD Policy AA432-Student Attendance and Teacher Disclosure Statements). This procedure allows a student the educational experience of travel without scholastic penalty; however, it does disqualify the student for receipt of any awards associated with attendance (e.g. 100% attendance award, etc.)

Students shall be allowed to make up work and earn points/credits missed during their pre-approved educational leave (AA432-Student Attendance and Teacher Disclosure Statements). Generally, students will have the same number of days plus two (2) as they were absent to complete and turn in any missed work.  Consult individual teacher disclosure statements for other information.

Daily attendance shall be marked to indicate the days a student is away from school for Education Vacation leave (Skyward attendance code of ‘V’). The student shall not show present on the days they are away from school for vacation/education leave.


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